Welcome to the Angelfish Breeders Directory. If you want to purchase some angels, select from the varieties and then click on the corresponding email to contact the breeder. If the breeder has a website, click on the highlighted name. Please note that some breeders prefer to sell locally only.

Available Varieties

Donna Boynton
sboynton@globalcrossing.net Marysville, CA, USA koi, sunset blushing, gold marbles, gold marble ghosts, blushing, etc.; email for more info.

Craig Eckert
CRAIGERT46@aol.com Fresno, CA, USA german blues, marbles, gold blushing

Wayne DesLauriers
waynedesi@attbi.com Mansfield, Ma, USA owner of WaynesWorld Angelfish; check website or email for availability

Patrick Durocher
eaumilieu@videotron.ca Quebec, Canada owner of "Eau Milieu des Anges"; Gold marbles, sunset blushers, hybrid blacks, koi, etc.; shipping in Canada only

Doug Gaston
dgaston@ulster.net Kingston, NY, USA smokies, marbles, blushings

Nick Gonzaga
techniktas@yahoo.com Woodbridge, NJ, USA koi, sunset blushers, silver ghosts, smokey blushers, hybrid blacks; also other species like apistogramma cacatuoides, albino corycats, albino bristlenose plecos

Frank Grainer
fgrainer@aol.com Milwaukee, WI, USA most varieties; email for what's currently available.

Doug Grey
greydmail@aol.com Philadelphia, PA, USA silver, marbles and DD blacks

Woody Green
woodyg3@netone.com Lafayette, CO, USA silver, gold and black

Ken & Veronica Heminger
KEN-VERONICA@angelsnorthwest.com Tacoma, WA, USA over 15 strains available plus breeding pairs; owner of Angels Northwest website.

Johnny Johnson
jdkiv@erols.com Richmond, VA, USA owner of The Angelfish Micro Hatchery website; silver ghost, silvers, black ghost, black lace; local only, no shipping.

Tom & Cindy Keeler
Northeastangel@aol.com Bangor, ME, USA hybrid black, marbles, german blues, etc.

Heather King
semav@core.com Chicago, IL, USA gold, gold marble, hybrid blacks, silver clown, smokey, koi, etc.

Ralph LaPerna
rlaperna@sternco.com Brooklyn, NY, USA marbles, black, silver

Dick Lambert
sugarsandtrop@knology.net Panama City, FL, USA black lace/ghost, smokies, german blues, etc.

Willie Loh
hsiaotsu@aol.com Minneapolis, MN, USA hybrid black, gold

Tony Minneboo
fishingt@angelswest.com San Francisco, CA, USA owner of Angelswest website, hatchery supplies, breeding pairs and juvies, click site for more info.

Mike Misuraco
misuraco@gateway.net St. Louis, MO, USA half-blacks, koi, silvers, gold marble pearlscales

Andreas Mueller
TMUEL49621@aol.com USA gold, marbles

Gino Neri
sales@avaquatics.com Lyons, IL, USA Marble, Half Blacks, Smokies, Koi, Gold marble, gold pearlscales, etc.

Arthur Nienow/Nienow's Tropicals
asnienow@aol.com Gibsonton, FL, USA smokies, silver, & more; email for more info

Toyin Ojo
toyinojo@netzero.net Baton-Rouge, LA, USA blacks, marbles, blushers, gold, ghosts, etc.

Rich Pitzeruse
rmpitzer@syr.edu Syracuse, NY, USA Blushing Smokeys and Blushing Chocolates

Michael Potts
michaelsalamoangels@yahoo.com Hamilton , Ohio, USA albino, silver , marble, double dark black, etc.

Steve Rybicki
steve@angelsplus.com Olean, NY, USA All varieties of angelfish, breeding supplies and breeding info at http://www.angelsplus.com

Bill Sauer
wjmuffin@aol.com Balto, MD, USA gold marbles, black lace, koi, leopards, silver

Jason Shaw
jason.shaw@crcn.net Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada Silvers, Marbles, Golds, all fin types, pearl scales and blushing

Mark Timm
marktimm@direct.ca Abbotsford, BC, Canada zebra, hybrid black/velvet, marbles, leopard, smokies, gold blusher

Jim Venis
Mypoint32@aol.com Danville, IL, USA marbles, zebra, gold, silver

Brian Witt
bwitt@neo.rr.com Akron, Ohio, USA owner of tropicalparadiseangels.com website and fins4sale.com auction site; gold marbles, smokies, black veils, albino pearlscales, etc.

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